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raffle rules & info

*must be 18 years of age to purchase raffle tickets, win prize(s), or get tattooed.
*drawing will be held at 5PM on 9/16/2023
*$35.00 per raffle ticket (each)
*entries taken 9/5 - 9/16/2023
*no limit on ticket purchases
*do not need to be present to win
*you can ONLY win one prize (even if you have multiple entries)
*grand prize $3,000.00 worth of tattooing with TERRY
*other prizes will be added prior to the drawing on 9/16
*$3,000 tattoo certificate is valid for 1 (one) year. Valid dates are 10/10/2023 - 10/10/2024 with TERRY 
*prize(s) can not be traded in, redeemed for cash or any other forms of currency.
*$3,000 tattoo winner can use the amount for multiple tattoos and divide it up with family and friends
*raffle winner(s) ticket will be posted at 5:05pm 9/16 on social media. (we will only post/read the winning numbers) *TERRY will contact the winner(s) using the number written on the raffle ticket.
*if the winner does not answer, TERRY will leave a message/text. 
*winner(s) will have until 7pm 9/16/2023 to contact TERRY on our studio phone (303) 278-2296
*if the raffle winner(s) do not contact TERRY by 7pm 9/16/23 by calling (303) 278-2296 the winning person(s) will forfeit the prize and another ticket will be drawn at a later date. 




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